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Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo is designed to suit your eyes only!

Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo styles include; Upper Eyeliner Tattoo/Upper Lash Enhancement Tattoo, Designer Eyeliner/Smokey Eyeliner/ Winged Eyeliner/Eyeliner Tattoo Correction

When working with your eyes, Meticulous Brow likes to ensure we are only enhancing a beautiful feature. Great care and attention are taken to create you a personalised look that will suit your eye shape whilst also ageing gracefully.

Pigments are chosen and customised to suit your skin tone, natural eyelash colour and your personal preference. Your eyeliner tattoo can be as soft and subtle as you like or alternatively you might request a more bold/defined look.


upper eyeliner tattoo adelaide

Upper Eyeliner Tattoo/Upper Lash Enhancement Tattoo

Upper Eyeliner Tattoo can highlight your eyes, creating a lift from the top of the eye to make your eyes pop and appear more open. Pigment is placed throughout the lashes to create a definition, yet a natural looking eyeliner.


Upper and Lower Eyeliner Tattoo/Lash Enhancement Tattoo

Eyelash Enhancements will highlight your eyes, creating a subtle frame and a barely there look that will make your eyes pop!

Pigment is placed throughout the lashes, usually with soft edges to create a natural elegant look.

designer eyeliner smokey winged eyeliner

Designer Eyeliner/Smokey Eyeliner/ Winged Eyeliner

For those of you that want a little more, consider Designer Eyeliner

Smokey Eyeliner, Shaded Eyeliner, Wedge or a Winged Eyeliner, are all elegant statements that can still be worn daily and enhanced at night.

Together, we will design a look that you love to suit your eye shape and ensure it will age elegantly over time.

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Eyeliner Tattoo Corrections 

If you have a previous eyeliner tattoo that needs correcting, depending on the condition of your skin and placement of pigment the remaining, we may be able to correct the eyeliner with a skilled corrective treatment. Please book a complimentary consultation to find out what we can do to help you correct your eyebrows.

Eyeliner Tattoo Process

Every treatment includes a thorough consultation where we discuss your desired look to create a realistic design that will age well and suit your eye shape.

Each style will comprise of a 2 step process – Initial Treatment and 6 week Touch Up.

The initial treatment lays the foundation, we choose the colour and style best suited for you. Then the Touch Up is where all the magic happens, we can now clearly see your healed results which give us the opportunity to perfect the colour choice, shape and symmetry.

Cosmetic eyeliner tattooing can help individuals with the following:

  • Allergies to eye makeup or extensions
  • Eyesight making it hard to apply eye makeup
  • Watery eyes causing Smudgy Eyeliner
  • Alopecia
  • Correct old eyeliner tattoo

Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Cost

Upper Eyeliner Tattoo/ Lash Enhancement

Initial Treatment: $349

6 week Upper Eyeliner tattoo Touch Up: $149

Upper & Lower Eyeliner Tattoo/Lash Enhancement

Initial Treatment: $399

6 week Upper Eyeliner & Lower tattoo Touch Up: $199

Designer Eyeliner Tattoo

Initial Treatment: $399

6 week Designer Eyeliner tattoo Touch Up: $199

A second Touch up is not often required, but if you decide you would like a perfection visit the 6 week touch up price is valid up to 6 months.

Maintenance visits are recommended between 12-24 months. This will vary for each individual, all skins respond differently to treatment and some will retain pigment longer than others.

eyeliner tattoo cost adelaide

Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Faq’s

Is a cosmetic eyeliner tattoo treatment painful?
While every individual has different a pain threshold, most are very comfortable, some even falling asleep during treatment! New techniques, topical anaesthetics, and the highest quality machines and needles make the process a breeze. Please don’t worry if your pain threshold is low, as I will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.
What is the cosmetic eyeliner tattoo healing process?
You will be provided with aftercare instructions and a healing balm, which is applied 2 times daily for 10 days.
The Tattoo area must be kept out of water and no makeup worn on the area.
DO NOT touch the tattoo area, pick at or remove any scabbing.
Will I look ok to go out in public while healing my eyeliner tattoo?
You can expect mild swelling on the day of treatment along with the day after, from day 3 the swelling will subside.
Some skins will be a little red from treatment, but this will settle after a day or two.
How do I prepare for my cosmetic eyeliner tattoo?
Lash Gowth serums need to be stopped 3 months prior to Eyeliner Tattoo.
Lash extensions cannot be work and must be removed 7 days prior to treatment.
Do not have any of the following treatments 14 days prior to treatment– anti-wrinkle injections
Do not have any of the following treatments 7 days prior to treatment – Lash Tint
Stop taking any type of blood thinners; fish oil, vitamin E, asprin, nurofen etc.. 3 days prior
Avoid drugs or alcohol 2 days prior
Breast-feeding clients cannot breast feed 48 hours post treatment
I have seen another artist, can you do my eyeliner tattoo touch-up?
Short answer – Yes.
However with many different pigments on the market and lots of different techniques used today, it’s not always possible to touch-up another artists work. The touch-up can sometimes become a cover-up or correction.
Book a free consultation to discuss your options.